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January 11, 2022


Mountain Dew with alcohol is coming to shelves

(Thanks to Dorkfish)


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Already? I'm still trying to recover from that can of Four Loko Gold I had about eight years ago.

I used to like MD until they brought out that red-headed dwarf. That just threw me off.

Try the new mountain dew, now made with even more potatoes.

Until I heard of Mountain Dew soda, I thought that "mountain dew" *was *an alcoholic beverage.

Mountain Dew used to mean moonshine.

When I was 14, I got smashed on Southern Comfort and Sprite, a horrible combination, but it was what we had. The hangover was memorable. I can't imagine Mountain Dew is any better.

Oh, the humanity!

Alcohol and caffeine. What could possibly go wrong?

Nothing says "Florida" like a wide awake drunk. Still waiting for "The New Dew". Now with meth!

Change the name to " Mountain Hootch " and I'm in.

Drunk and wired is no way to go through life.

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