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January 31, 2022


Doctors have diagnosed the condition as 'restless anal syndrome'

(Thanks to Unholy Slacker)


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A calm gerbil is a happy gerbil.

Dr. Kildare quit after that episode.

From the article:

"the doctors put their fingers on the restless anal syndrome diagnosis."


My restless anal syndrome flares every time I consume beans, cruciferous vegatables, or carbonated beverages.

@- Steve (The 24 Guy) -
Ya beat me to it.

Soon to be a Disney movie called: "The Bung & The Restless"

Shucks, folks here in Flathead County have been dealing with restless butt syndrome long before anyone ever heard of covid. There are three easy cures:
(1) Get out of town.
(2) Drink more beer.
(3) Stop reading stupid medical studies.

Oh Sh*t!

This would have made a great plotline for a House, M.D. episode.

Time for a benefit concert, 'Anal Aid' headlined by Kneel Young and Meatloaf's son Meatball.

The first case of restless anal syndrome in early Middle Eastern civilizations was immortalized by ancient Egyptians in the famous statue of the Great Sphincter of Giza.

Wait a minute...they were looking for brain disorders after a complaint of anal discomfort? Was the patient an elected official?

Teenage boy all got the restless pee-pee disorder it seems to me if they're saying it's a "compulsion to move" the effected limb or orifice or what-have-you.

I think Scott McKenzie song "San Francisco" included this phrase.

Is this similar to when dogs get the butt scootin' boogy?

Did I hear someone holler, "Sooo-EEE!" ?

It's a little-known fact that Johnny Rivers originally wanted to sing, "I've got the restless anal syndrome and the boogie-woogie flu".

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