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January 08, 2022


Man arrested for DWI with lit BBQ pit in truck, Texas constable says

(Thanks to Dorkfish and Stan Ruth, who says “Don’t drink and grill. While driving.”)


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There's a story in the family lore of a young couple who drove from Sunny California to New England, back in the early fifties, in an air-cooled VW Bug with a lit hibachi in the front seat for heat & defrost, in addition to the occasional warm beverage.

In his defense, it sounds like police entrapment as it appears he had more than enough beer and bladder to quell any errant flames.

"Is there a problem, officer? And could these hot links make it go away?"

I wonder if the "controlled substance" was BBQ sauce?

Surely that was covered under one of Gov. Abbott's many, many Executive Orders?

New competition concept for BBQ Pitmasters.

Let's not be judgmental here on physical image alone. Consider the before then the after the barbecue had ended pictures. The part about being judgmental? That was just a prop. Forget I said that.

It's comforting to see some Texas BBQ sauce listed as a controlled substance. I have been a judge in Brisket and chili cookoffs there a few times. Some of the entries could easily have reached critical mass, exploded and blown a rather large crater in the state. That was years ago, and my few surviving taste buds have yet to recover.

And some people think New Mexico chilies are hot...

He should have headed to the Japanese BBQ contest where it's an easy wok in the park.

He told the police it was a Vietnamese style BBQ... Pho-Q.

After his arrest, he had to endure intense grilling by the police.

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