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January 20, 2022


Stranded dog saved from rising tide after rescuers attach sausage to drone

(Thanks to Doug Ogg and Roberto)


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It could have turned out a lot wurst.

In the Lassie version, Little Timmy was stuck in the rising tide and Lassie was piloting the drone.

Snork @nursecindy!

nursecindy--an unreliable source has informed me there is an updated Lassie movie in the planning stages. A brief synopsis follows this incident, oddly enough.

Timmy, due to being given high doses of Ritalin for his ADHD disorder has fallen down the same well for the 12th time this year. Lassie, now a drone pilot for a local news station has had enough of the twerp and uses the drone to "borrow" as many sausages as the drone will carry from an open-air market.
Meanwhile, Lassie's mom, Lilith, is home cooking crystal meth for a Mexican drug cartel. In actuality, Lilith is working undercover for the DEA.
Lassie is now next to Timmy's usual well, munching happily on sausages when suddenly shots ring out from the house. Something has gone amiss with the drug dealers.
With bullets flying, lassie grabs the sausage and jumps into the well to join Timmy. Once the gunfire and sirens have slowed down, Lassie takes the drone controller she wears on her collar and once again saves Timmy and herself from a well.
The ending is undergoing revisions.

Now if that was a cat a simple laser-pointer would have worked just as well while everyone else enjoyed a nice sausage grinder.

Le Petomane, I like it!

So transitioning from sausage to Meatloaf's passing with the re-telling of a story he related in a late night TV interview about he and two of his teenaged chums hearing of the JFK shooting and then rushing to nearby Parkland Hospital in time to get a close look at the blood-stained presidential limo. In the interview which must still be available online they showed a photo of the three chums standing next to the limo, documenting the experience, much to the chagrin of their elders who were quite skeptical of the boy's story.

Key quote "following the dangling sausage".

And I saw "Drones With Sausages" open for Devo back '78.

Wait a minute...they actually checked the MTOW of the drone? Wouldn't it have been a lot quicker and easier to just tie a sausage on and see if it could take off? And cut the sausage in half if it couldn't?

Talk about overthinking something....

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