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January 24, 2022


Nephew who took uncle's corpse to post office for pension 'didn't know he was dead'

Totally plausible.

(Thanks to Emily, Leslie and w


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He was just stunned.

Twice in two days. Dave, you're getting rusty.

He was just pinin' for the fjords.

@suzie - this is an update to yesterday’s story.
Also the guy was probably just sleeping.

Oh, come on! Just because he's been jailed for two years, had a drug problem, stole from his aunt, and various other things does not mean he's an eejit or cuckoo. The fact he tried to drag his dead uncle into a post office to get his pension definitely shows he's not only an eejit but a moron too. I've seen people that were....no longer alive and it's pretty clear that they are no longer among the living when you first see them. If you're still not sure shaking them a little bit will usually confirm they're dead.

"He's not dead! He's just resting."

I'm not dead yet. I'm getting better. I feel like going for a walk.

This reminds me of the two hunters that were camping out and drinking beer around the fire when one of them grabs his chest and falls over.
His inebriated and distraught friend calls 911.

"911 operator, how may I help you?"

"My friend and I were out camping when my pard grabbed his chest and fell over. I think he's dead!"

911 operator. "Calm down and don't panic. First you need to make sure he's dead."


Minutes later, the operator hears a loud BLAM!

The hunter comes back on the phone. "OK, now what?"

They thought he ws judt playing possum?

To be honest, Uncle never was the life of the party even in his glory years.

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