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January 07, 2022


Canadian influencers who partied maskless on a plane are stranded in Mexico because airlines won't fly them home

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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As I write this, it's 20 degrees in Montreal and 85 in Cancun. And they want to go back to Montreal? I guess they weren't in Mexico long enough for their brains to thaw out and start working again.

There was a social media influencer named Awad
He tried but couldn't get home from abroad
On the plane He clawed and jawed with the squad
He was accused of defraud and to keep his fly rod
And was told his name should be outlawed

So instead of having a masquerade ball they're now mask-less and waylaid? But not to worry, think of all the fun they can have taking a cruise ship home.

I'm not up on my currency conversions--the bail was 30,000 Ghanian cents?...

I agree with Rod Nunley. Some people complain about trivial matters. in Texas, where he lives, most are tough enough to not complain about being hung, as long as the sheriff used a brand-new rope.

Let's hope they have to walk home, and the Canadian border people turn them away.

Allen at Division--An unreliable source claims that 30,000 Ghandian is roughly $4 U.S. dollars or one goat.

Akchually, the currency of Ghana is the Cedi:

1 Ghanaian Cedi equals
0.16 United States Dollar


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