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January 21, 2022


A doctor has issued a warning after TikTok users have been 'cooking' chicken in cough syrup - because they think it can cure a cold.

(Thanks to Ralph)


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Well, chicken soup has been called Jewish penicillin, so wouldn't it be more logical to just marinade the chicken in Manischewitz, and then have a shooter of Goldwasser?

I’m sure I’d wish I had a mere cold after trying this.

Yeah, goes great with that green tussin stuff. Yummo.

Yeah, "TikTok Challenge" is not something you want to try.

At long last, fools have a web site of their own.

I don't think I could take the smell of cooking NyQuil even if it worked.

Clankie--TikToc sure saved Flathead County a bundle of cash. Now we can use this site instead of starting our own site.

"Maverick, I'm glad to see you have recovered from your near fatal bout with Nyquil Chicken. We were all pulling for you to come out of the comma. I hope the six months of hospitalization was comfortable. Have you had time to work on those times tables and are you ready to turn in your worksheet?" "You need to redo the single digit arithmetic worksheet, you gat a zero." "There is a chance, let's ay distinct possibility, you will be repeating 10th grade."

Of special interest to bloggers, often I make my comment drawing from memory from past experience.

I had two friends in ninth grade, one of whom had failed his way downward, who were doing triple digit arithmetic in math class. I opened their text book, saw the arithmetic they were studying, and as I distinctly remember standing there laughing.

If you have never had a friend, two friends is better, who were learning arithmetic in the ninth grade, you are missing an important aspect of growing up. This is 'important'.

If anyone has ever figured out what 16 plus 11 is, please share.

@man tom, I feel like the answer would be 27, but I could be wrong.

When my kids were teenagers and one of them got into trouble, Mr. MOTW and I would be lectured on what the Teen Lawyers were advising our kid. Same thing with a sore throat or fever - there were teenage Doctors to provide advice. Tik Tok is very popular with the younger crowd, who publish advice from teen lawyers, doctors, mechanics, etc. Who needs grown-ups when there's Tik Tok and YouTube?

MOTW - my son, when I refer to 'my' kids I mean kids conceived by mrs. man tom by way of me, left a couple of weeks ago on a trip to Rome with his GF. We advised maybe he should consider canceling the trip due the fact the entire world was in COVID lockdown. But, no true to form He exhibited sing 6th grade, He paid no attention to us and went anyways. So when He gets there he sends a text of a picture of some Italian landmark, a prelude to the Sistine Chapel I assumed. So later that first day He is informed by state officials He can not travel throughout the country because his vaccination confirmation and his COVID test results are not recognized by the country. So he texts and says I'm trying to get a plane out of here back to N.Y. A couple of days later He texts from Ellis Island, having a great time, I found eight people on the immigrant registry with Dad's last name. That's the last we heard of him.. I believe N.Y. was covered in hundreds of feet of snow while he was there. He was supposed to be home yesterday. This morning I told mrs. man tom, "I jus realized the reason He wouldn't cancel the trip to Rome could be because He was going to ask his GF to marry him and wanted to make special." mrs man tom said, 'no the reason is because he is stubborn and won't listen."

So, the last I heard from my son He was at Ellis Island checking up on my ancestors who may have come through there circa 1860 or so, but could have arrived on a pirate ship before that time. I'm not certain of the date or the circumstance of their arrival, possibly illegal being pursued by the Union army.

So yeah, don't worry, your kids will get better if you just give them a little time, further yourself from their memory.

16 + 7 is a lot.

16 + 11 is a lot more.

"Then drain the unused syrup back into the can."

After you cure your cold, you can check TikTok for a home remedy for salmonella.

"TikTos users" is apparently the medical term for "idiots"

I could have told you that years ago.

He then pours in "four thirds" of the greenish-blue syrup over the chicken and lets it boil for 30 minutes.???

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