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January 26, 2022


Alabama man accused of keeping meth-fed ‘attack squirrel’ faces new charges

(Thanks to Rick Day)


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The real problem with squirrels using meth is they leave their discarded empty Bic lighters all over the place.

If even there was a case for justifying torture, this is it.

As if squirrels weren't enough of a problem already, it appears we will now have squirrel meth cookers and cartels to endure along with gangs of drugged up tree rats. I keep telling people that exploding peanuts is the answer. But do they listen? Oh no!

Just what we need. A squirrel hooked on meth.

What could possibly go wrong?

Mickey Joel Paulk ==>
Acme Puke Killjoy
Pee amuck killjoy
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Yokel Jack Emu Lip

In his defense, at least he didn't get the squirrel hooked on steroids, cuz if you think a squirrel on meth is bad you don't want to see a squirrel eith 'roid rage.

The squirrel should be easy to find. It will be the one in the park ignoring the nuts and asking for a fix.

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