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January 14, 2022


Welcome to Florida: The road rules are different here.

(Thanks to Ralph)


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Allow me to summerize the article for you. There are no driving rules in south Florida. Just drive the way everyone else does, which is drive like you're out of crack & running late to meet your meth dealer.

So basically just:
Turn the radio to max
Close your eyes
Grab the wheel
Floor the gas
And hope for the best.

Except for the fact that if you make a mistake, you can get shot.

And Muskmobile wanted you to be able to play video games while driving too.

"The consensus is that Florida drivers are impatient, inconsiderate and nasty."

MOST EVERYONE IN FLORIDA is impatient, inconsiderate, and nasty.

Stupid article. Only takeaway: states with larger populations have more fatal accidents.

Now let’s rank them per capita and see how it comes out; that might mean something.

There are only a few things keeping Flathead County from joining Florida in the top 10 list.

#1--Lack of an Interstate.

#2--Cars that can go over 60 MPH before the engine explodes.

#3---Traffic lights.

#4---Cops you didn't go to school with.

#5---Other drivers that wave at you with one finger.

We do have vehicles with working horns that might work. All told, we have a ways to go.

This is all true! I was on I-95 yesterday and a guy on a motorcycle - for no apparent or logical reason - cut in between me and the guy next to me, then immediately cut two lanes to the right and got off the road. Anyone with the slightest amount of brains would have just gone behind me and gotten off, but that isn't the Florida way.

There are a lot of similarities here to Texas driving. There are some key differences, though.

1. Nobody honks the horn in Texas. We skip that step and go straight to the firearm usage.

2. We do have areas with so few cars that you can do whatever you want without anybody else even knowing.

3. We outlawed red light cameras, thanks to a local activist who died just a couple of days ago (not in a car wreck).

I understand for the most part. But does Florida have one of these available?

I've found asking for directions around here can prove to be confusing.

A wise man once said: "It's a little different from the United States of America, where many of them will be coming from. We have sort of a different system of driving here. Everybody does driving - according to the law, but it's of his or her individual country of origin."

I'll leave it up to you to remember who said that, but I'll give a hint: The wise man was not one of the guys present at a manager 2000 years ago. (I think).

I still think Florida should have an automatic "came from" light in all cars driving in that state. With that, you'd know which lane the car that suddenly appeared in front of you came from.

I read through the rest of the article and saw this:

“We frequently observe something that we’ve dubbed ‘the Florida turn,’ " said Terry Warnke Mayhew of Boynton Beach. “It’s when a light changes to green and the person in the far right lane cuts across two or three lanes to make a left turn.”

Yep, saw that a couple of times when I first moved to S FL in 1985. Once on University at Oakland ParK, I saw someone in the far left hand turn lane (there are two at that intersection) cross in front of four lanes of traffic to turn right, and just keep going east on Oakland Park like nothing was wrong with it.

I'm beginning to think all the people that drove like that back then have started coming up with new things to do on the road, just to be different than everyone else.

...It's just a good thing that we don't have Jetson's cars yet.

Tesla's Full Self Driving (FSD) beta software will be ready for general release when a Tesla vehicle under FSD control can navigate on I95 from Boynton Beach, FL to Miami, FL without an accident or being shot. This will probably be sometime next decade.

Turn signals are still mandatory at all times except for when actually turning, right? I've always found that kinda charming.

Steve (The 24 Guy) didn't this same man also once say that Miami drivers will pass you in a car wash?

I learned to drive in Boston. Doesn’t sound unreasonable.

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