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January 29, 2022


Shocked British tourist finds a huge monitor lizard crawling out of the toilet in Thailand

(Thanks to B&C)


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The Guy's girlfriend's verbal reaction sounded like she was demanding sex or like she was dying a slow death after being bitten by the thing, you be the judge.

Just how DOES one toilet train a monitor lizard?

Geeze people, the monitor lizard was just another tryout for being another Geico Insurance lizard. The three gecko doubles they tested were all immediately eaten by 'whatever.'

It's hoped the monitor lizards will make insurance offers you can't refuse.

That's not the proper way to snake a toilet.

@ - K. Jong-un
I believe the "full immersion method" is required.

At least it's not a Merrimack (think Civil War) lizard.

My brother used to have a pet iguana (don't ask me why) that used to sit on his computer display.

He called it his monitor lizard.

That's a small one. Water Monitors can grow over 6 feet long, which makes navigating toilet traps difficult.

@Guy: By "full immersion" do you mean swirly? Which is how I learned English but it takes forever to get the water out of one's ears, which often times makes you late for class.

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