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January 13, 2022


U.S. Federal Government Deregulates French Dressing

(Thanks to Asher Scheiner and Michael Moyer)


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Clearly Racist. What about Italian? Ranch? Thousand Island?

Is Mayonnaise next?

Time to contact the Honey Mustard Lobby.

The streets outside all the French embassies will now be littered with lettuce.

It's about time. Now if the Government would ban kale, it would be dawning of a new day.

Since French dressing cannot be banned, will the French go naked?

Great news! These could indeed be our salad days.

Buy cases of the stuff made under the old rules. When the cheap knockoffs arrive, you can sell the real thing for a fortune.

French dressing is a topic for fashion magazines. I did not know that US government regulates this.

We have a 'Association for Dressings and Sauces'?

My compliments to the chef chemist.

I thought that 'French Dressing' is what happens when you 'mix' ketchup and ranch dressing.

@guy - my thought exactly

One man's sauce is another man's marinade.

ripleysparrow I like the way you think.
I think their next action should be to ban the sale and display of Green Goddess Dressing because it's awful!

As a proud American, I look forward to the innovations mass market food producers will come up with. As Tom Lehrer observed some 60 years ago, "It amazing what they do with plastic nowadays".

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