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January 05, 2022


I photographed a ‘bulbous-headed naked alien’ as the creature ran past my hunting camera in a notorious UFO hotspot

(Thanks to John Lobert)

Perhaps some day we will develop some kind of device that can take clear, sharp images.


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I've seen better night photos from camera traps by Sir David Attenborough. Maybe we should send Sir David to Redgate, Montana and get him to do stuff.

Looks *DAMN* real to me.

Not that I'm an expert, but it looks more like a ghost than an alien. I'm not 100% sold on this.

It is my understanding that when Superman uses his X-ray vision we all look like that. Someday, when better cameras are made we will see pictures of his space ship clearly indicating that he hails from the planet Frisbee.

The Roswell, New Mexico space aliens studied this picture in the clubhouse here in Geezer Acres. They declared it 100% fake. They say that any species capable of faster than light space travel won't be camera shy. Only some species could misinterpret the flash as a hostile move and disintegrate the source. It's a much better idea to buy them a beer and get acquainted on a friendly basis.

We bought the next round and were all proud to once again save our planet.

I lost interest at " bulbous-headed ".

Funny. All the pictures of paranormal stuff are grainy and out-of-focus.

I guess no one takes good pictures anymore.

This is obviously an image of something as terrestrial and earth-bound as any one of us. Quite likely an adolescent, albino Sasquatch.

Was the alleged 'alien' wearing a diaper on its head?

Just asking for a friend.

If WAS wearing a diaper, chances are that wasn't his head.

I saw the Bulbous-Headed Naked Aliens open for Primus.

Goodness gracious, Britney Spears takes better pictures of bulbous-headed naked creatures, and she's not even a photographer.

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