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January 03, 2022


Craig Ronk Wires 2022 Tulsa Shootout Winged Outlaw Finale

(Thanks to Alan West)


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I don't know what it means either but it looks awesome!

Some things are better left unknown.

Since this is in Oklahoma, my first guess was it was some kind of a pheasant hunting contest for outlaws.

As they say these days, "Get back with me when any of this starts making sense."

If its unfathomable, it probably has something to do with English cricket.

I have no idea what it's about either, but I think it involves poker, a dead man's hand, and shots fired beneath the table top.

Nah, it's just practice for driving on Oklahoma roads.

We can summarily determine this did not happen at the Australian Reptile Park.

It's a new spy phrase to replace "The red fox trots quietly at midnight."

When was it changed from?: "The geese fly high" Response: "The frost is on the grass"

The guy made a reference to a "rocket ship" and being "half t he rocket," so maybe it's UFO racing?

Craig Ronk ==>
Groin Rack
Cargo Rink

Tulsa Shootout Winged Outlaw -->
A gel ad who outwits lout's snout
Egad, without a wool slut snout
A sedating owl wool tutu shout

@man tom: This sound similar to a peacock on your roof.

Egad, Without a Wool Slut Snout opened for Herb Alpert and the Satin Bimbo Crust.

A sedating owl wool tutu shout

I was searching around Facebook this afternoon and my search Miraculously turned up a very old friend I knew when I was five to eight years old and have had no contact with since around 1963. Here is a picture He posted, the picture is not my friend, of a meeting He had with a very famous person. I've labeled tee picture here, Groin Rack

man tom--Was this when Elvis wrote, "Jockstrap Rock?" I believe it sold just over 100 copies, so I hope your friend still has that record.

LePetomane - This is when Elvis left the building (see Exit Sign in background). Elvis is not my friend. I mean my friend (not pictured) is shaking Elvis' hand. I have some friends from that neighborhood who knew me as, 'the kid down the street who carries a highly sharpened switch blade'. Talk about a rough neighborhood. In grade school, a 6th grader punched the principal in the nose during an all class assembly. The sixth grader in question was 23 years old. Blood flew everywhere as the Principal was led out of the auditorium by a lady holding a bloody handkerchief to his face. I moved to a much better neighborhood when I was nine years old. The barbed wire surrounding the school kept the student from where I came from out. This is no joke. A few years ago my high school had the highest murder rate amongst high schools in either the state or nation. Long after I left. I can tell you "yes; guns were involved.

Maybe I should contact my old friend? Maybe I shouldn't. He might introduce me around to his friends. I would probably be dressed inappropriately. Feeling out of place is a good possibility.

Let's Rock Everybody in the old cell block. Doin' the Jockstrap Rock."

For clarification. My old friend (not pictured) shaking the hand of Elvis just before he left the building.

LePetomane - you will be interested in this bit of info I am about to confess to you. When I was in Kindergarten through third grade, I would stay on the small kids playground and not dare go to the other side of the school to the big kids playground because I was convinced, I was sure of it, Martians had landed on the big kids playground and I may be taken prisoner in their flying saucer, which was there parked on the playground. I thought the other kids were fools to go there. I was always better than them.

lePetomanne - one other thing I learned while growing up young in that neighborhood was an extensive vocabulary of dirty words.

man tom--You weren't the only one to grow up in a tough town. When I was a kid people asked how far it was to the train station, the best answer was "I don't know. So far no one has made it."
My friend and I made the news once when we blew up a chicken coop full of Rhode Island Red laying hens with a homemade rocket that flubbed.

Then there was the time I accidentally burned down a drug store.

Then there was access to dynamite since it was a mining town. I'm not sure about the statutes of limitations, so I'll just say some days were a real blast.

Nothing like where you grew up, however.

BTW I am going to have to postpone my dental appointment due to being financially embarrassed due to an incident on New Year's Eve that my lawyer says I can't talk about. I will reschedule because I like your $9.95 plan, but since that is per tooth, I need to do a recount after that "incident" I can't talk about.

Have you opened that branch office in San Francisco yet? I know having the foundation stolen was a setback.
Carpe diem! L.P.

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