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January 05, 2022


A pregnant employee was kicked in the stomach after a drive-thru customer at a Long John Silver’s in Indiana became “irate” upon being told that the restaurant would not sell a single hush puppy, according to a police report.

(Thanks to pharmaross)


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The customer must have VERY long legs if he did that at the drive-thru. Was it a case of: "If you wanna buy this hush-puppy, you gonna have to marry it first!"?

Why not sell just one? Of course, charge the regular price.

I always thought that a hush puppy was telling your dog to be quiet.

Hushpuppy is my best friend.

Steverino, it's something you throw at your dog to shut him up!

They parked and the alleged assailant entered the restaurant. If this stuff keeps up, they'll have to keep the restaurant doors locked and only fill orders through bullet-proof drive-thru teller drawers. Put security cameras in the drive-through lanes. As I understand it, McDonalds is already logging license plates in the drive-through, for "marketing purposes."


the driver became incensed and “yelled a racial slur at the victim while at the drive thru window.”
The passenger “began calling the restaurant numerous times demanding to speak to the manager.”
The passenger then entered the Long John Silver’s and “began throwing things around” before she “kicked the victim in the stomach and ran from the store.”
A pair of hush puppies -- made from corn meal batter -- costs $1.95.

This is Gotham City behavior. Not funny.

This kind of (r@p behavior gives me thought-bubble ideas of offering hush puppies for breakfast, lunch, and dinner to the passenger woman while she is incarcerated. Or kicking her in the stomach. Have someone scream the same racial epithets at the driver that she uttered. See if they can take what they dished out.

In their defense, Chuncky Geez, didn't have a drive-thru, unless you're willing to improvise one. spur-of-the-moment sort of thing.

Sorry, not funny. Jackasses like this should not be receiving any attention and publicity, even on the blog. Unless it's linking to a story about their prison sentencing.

In Texas this guy would receive a hanging sentence. But bets would be made on how many nights he would survive in jail before his trial. Texans, even the worst outlaws, can't abide anyone low enough to kick a pregnant woman in the stomach.

It's harder to buy a single French fry. Or one grain of rice.

If you're looking for small quantities of food items such as a single French fry, checking underneath the backseat car cushion is a pretty safe bet. And the BEST part is they're free.

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