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January 23, 2022


Toddler clears out mom's online shopping cart, orders $2K worth of items from Walmart

(Thanks to EricY and Jeff Meyerson)


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Hopefully the one item they keep is the toddler.

Shop Til You Drop

Mommy, why do I have to run around in circles?
(Bad mommy joke, sorry)

Surprised that this doesn't happen all the time.

In the video, a parent hands the toddler their unlocked phone. And how did the parents not notice a $2000 charge? !

Parenting is not for sissies. You gotta be tougher and wiser than your spawn.
I recently had a prime example of that. My grandson had a 'banner' day and his planner had several notes from his teacher citing his bad behavior. When I read that at home, we had a little chat.
Me: Did you apologize to your teacher?"
Him: Yes.
Me: Are you sure about that?
Him: Yes.
Me: Consider your answer carefully. If you are not telling the truth, I will find out AND there will be consequences.
Him: Okay.

I emailed the teacher. No, he had not apologized. I asked if she could meet us on the sidewalk after school let out. She agreed. I got out, walked around to the sidewalk and bent down to his level. The teacher was standing right there.
Me: I've got a question for you and I need you to pay attention. Did you apologize to your teacher?
Him, not daring to look at me: No.
Me: Right. AND you lied to me about it. Let's take care of that right now.

He does not get away with a perfunctory, "I'm sorry."
'I'm sorry for being defiant, disruptive, sarcastic, and disrespectful and I will not do that again.'

Do not mess with or try to bluff Grandma MOTW. The teacher sent me a nice thank you email.

Millenial parents are stupid. QED.

@MOTW - You rock!

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