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January 10, 2022


Farmer gives cows VR headsets to reduce anxiety and increase milk production

(Thanks to Ron T, Le Petomane and Barry Nester)


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Day in, day out, all the farmer thinks is how he can turn me into a cash cow, milking me for everything I've got. I'm udderly fed up and thinking about mooving.

But does it make it easier for them to play Red Dead Redemption without thumbs?

Since they can't tip cows anymore, I wonder if pranksters will swap out the meadow software for Call of Duty.

" a simulation of a summer field. "

Which pill do you take to escape the Mootrix ?

@Evil Mr M They DO tip cows. The cows only want folding money.

If the cows make the farmer feel anxious about the milk production he should consider getting into another line of work.

Cows with guns.


If those cows learn how to tune those VR headsets to a good rock and roll station, will they give milk shakes?

They're watching Bull Durham, bovine porn on Cornhub, and listening to The Cowsills.

I'd wear of VR head set to reduce anxiety, but I draw the line at increased milk production.

pharmaross beat me to the Cowsills. Breaking away from the boring classic music agenda, one old timer milk cow requested and was given this tune which can heard in the milk barn over the 'hiss hiss' sound of the electric milking machines each morning and evening.

The best song ever to be milked by.

𝅘𝅥𝅮 Tanks .. for the mammories 𝅘𝅥𝅮

Wanna see my amaizing stalk?

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