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January 27, 2022


Unknown space object beaming out radio signals every 18 minutes remains a mystery

(Thanks to B&C)


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I’m sure the signals are instructions for the octopuses (or possibly squirrels).

Sounds like the incoming message from The Big Giant Head is stuck in a loop.

And the radio signals say "We have been trying to reach you..."

The best translation of this message the Roswell space aliens could so was:

"Dear earthlings, your sister planet has been abducted. Please teleport One quadrillion zingatas in gold-plated latinum to the following coordinates or we will be forced to destroy. You have 100 earth years to comply."

The aliens say this is a common scam that can backfire when their intended victims teleport an antimatter bomb to their coordinates. Since they happen to like us, they say they will take care if the situation and for us to keep doing stupid human tricks. That show has gone 5*Intergalactic.

It ain't that great a signal. I couldn't pick it up, so it could never have competed with XERF.

I think its from an alien who is a world king but needs $10,000 to unlock his account. You of course would get 10% of an unimaginable fortune once he/she/it unlocks he/she/it's account.

We've translated the message which reads:"Happy Halloweenween".

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