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January 30, 2022


Traffic in Australia is just offal after semi-truck sloshes animal guts across highway

(Thanks to Static Joeage)


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If that happened here the coyotes, the turkey vultures, the raccoons, the possums and the squirrels would make short work of the clean-up.

The Australian Department of Transportation workers will watch the cleanup from the safety of an air-Conditioned truck. They know the influx of natural scavengers that will show up will all be highly venomous.

If this tactic fails, they have the Oregon Highway Department on standby. Their method of disposing of dead things might not work but are always fun to watch.

Awful Offol

Based on my vast knowledge of science: if we are in the middle of winter here, it is the middle of summer there.

One can only imagine all the delightful smells.

Ya gotta have guts to live in Australia.

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