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January 26, 2022


Unfortunately our strict policy prohibits us from presenting The News From Europe.

(Thanks to Peter Metrinko)


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Has he tried jelqing?

The people of Thailand would like to respond by asking, "and you thought your Bangkok jokes were funny?"

Finally, he can boast that he carries a big stick. Figuratively, anyway.

Never heard of Tiny Kox, but I once listened to Tiny Tim.

Obviously, his parents really didn't want this kid. Tiny possibly could have benefitted from psychological counseling early on but considering the fact he has gone to the Dark Side and became a politician and hasn't legally changed that awful name, there is little hope.

Actually, some claim Tiny has a twin brother named Little Kox, who remains unaccounted for.

If only he would sing "Tiny Bubbles."

So just HOW big is his car?

We need to introduce him to the sheriff of Aiken county SC.


Wonder if he knows Hugh G. Reckshun?

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