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January 28, 2022


We are looking at a 110 percent chance of completely freaking out.


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That looks like a Minnesota spring...

The sweet smell of barbecued iguanas will be wafting in the Miami breezes, as they plummet from the palms.

Won't someone think of the orange groves?

Sending warmish thoughts your way, Dave - but we've had mid-20 wind chill in the mornings for a while. All my potted plants are in the garage, including the two lemon trees (one of which has buds already). Mr. MOTW tolerates the intrusion on his guy garage space.

No need to drip your faucets, though you may have to drip your iguanas.

The oranges aren't really sweet until they get a bit nipped by Jack Frost.

Tomorrow here the prediction is for about 10 inches of snow, 30mph wind gusts, and temperatures down around zero at night. I expect to lose power and internet. It will be worse on the coast. Just a typical nor'easter.

I worry about all the poor Burmese pythons. Who will look after them ?

Around here in the middle coast we buy milk and bread before a big storm, which can be put to good use against snow of all kinds.

Next week, we're going to have another episode of going from 70 to 20 in a few hours.

Blame Canada (after all, that's where the damned cold air comes from)!

I hope no one is killed by falling lizards.

Blog members reside in Alaska. I am confident you will come through this cold snap with this encouraging tip. Spam does not freeze at -60 degrees Fahrenheit.

Yikes, I didn't think it ever got that cold down there. Can definitely see people freaking out. Meanwhile, I've lost track of how many weeks we have gone now with snow on the ground here in the WA/ID area... feels like at least 8 weeks so far.

A note to Floridians:
But especially NEVER use explosives to remove snow and or ice from automobiles!

Boston laughs at you.

Boston Blizzard Alert

So would you rather clear the street of 36 inches of accumulated snow or that much in iguanas?

Close the door.

Keep the door closed.

I suppose throwing the lawn chairs into a frozen swimming pool isn't practical.

Tastes like chicken in Miami barrios.


Old but relevant story.

The National Weather Service actually warned of "raining iguanas" in Florida tonight.

Does the Geico lizard have a warm jacket?

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