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January 24, 2022


Man Sets Bank Branch on Fire After Being Denied Loan

(Thanks to Ralph)


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I thought this kind of behavior was only tolerated in
Flathead County?

Clearly the meaning of the word " disgruntled " is evolving in a bad way.

Guy--There's never enough money in Flathead County banks
to justify buying enough costly gasoline to burn one of them down.

Let those among us who have not set fire to a bank, cast the first stone.

@ - LeDud -
Do Savings and Loans Count?

Just asking for a friend?

In his defense, he mistook the rising inflation rates for the fate of raising a conflagration, hoping to lower the monthly payment on his credit card.

@Clankie - it's Gotham City behavior.

LeDud---Might I say that I hope you have checked out the statutes of limitations before entering this territory.

I have a distant relation who thought he was safe under those statutes but got hung for his honesty. It seems some mistakes are never quite forgiven, and he didn't bother to check the details out before bragging about getting by with it in a local saloon.

Hard to believe they denied him a loan when clearly they had money to burn.

Snork @Le Dud!

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