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January 04, 2022


French burn fewer cars on New Year's Eve due to pandemic

(Thanks to Asher Scheiner)


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Finally, sounds like the French have solved the Christmas tree disposal problem.

Fewer than WHO?

Customer: kicking the tires of a Peugeot It looks good ...
Salesman: Oui, monsieur. Eet was owned by a little old lady in Paris. She drove it once a week to visit her seestor.
Customer: I don't know.
Salesman: Eet has 6,000 kilometers, regular maintenance, power steering, power brakes ..
Customer: Does eet come withz flame retardant coating inside and out?
Salesman: Oui!
Customer: Where do I sign?

So the 'rona has left them in such a weakened state they're just barely able to torch-off their own farts?

Here in the Southwest many people paint flames ON their cars, but we see nothing smart about burning our rides.

Darn, I was in the mood for a few coupé suzettes.

AS: Might you settle for a few Cajun Citroens?

Some people sterilize everything.

This is a prime example of the lack of education.
In the USA the kids would hot wire the cars, drive them to an isolated location strip out all the 'good' parts and THEN burn the car.

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