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January 05, 2022


North Korea is claiming that Kim Jong-il invented the burrito

(Thanks to Jim Kenaston)


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It's my understanding he came up with the idea for the name because that's the sound he makes after consuming a few.

They're probably made from failed North Korean escapees. That would seem to be in keeping with his character.

I wonder whether “Little Burrito” might have been a nickname for Kim Jong-un.

"The Rodong Sinmun newspaper, seen as a government mouthpiece, reported that the burrito was thought up in 2011 by Kim Jong-il"

Hmmmmm...I was wrapping burritos at a Taco Bell in the summer of 1977....hmmmmmmm.....I'M NOT SURE THIS IS THE TRUTH!.

LeDud: Sounds like you may have been an unwitting and unaware time traveler. Have you tried hypnotic regression?

LeDud is not the only one. "The Flying Burrito Brothers" are alleged to have released a record in 1969. Clearly, they set out in 2019 and set the dial to go back 50 years. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Flying_Burrito_Brothers

Is there anything that ruthless dictator can’t do?

It may be possible that a burrito invented him.

A claim that would be a lot more credible if he had also invented Beano.

Clankie: Didn't you mean to say that Little Burrito has as yet to invent Beano?

Next thing you know, the Norks will be claiming KJI invented Mexico.

Perhaps it's time to fire-up the wayback machine, in which case does anyone know the whereabouts of Sherman?

The best way to get the dictator to refute this claim would be to send him a dozen Taco Bell burritos.

Careful LePet, that could be considered an act of war under certain circumstances in some quarters.

No matter how much you criticize the guy, when his father died and left all his pantsuits to Hillary Clinton it just further demonstrated the extent of his charity.

It's often said that there's a fine line between charity and depravity.

He's probably also claiming invention of Taco Tuesdays.

After reading the article, I'm confused (stunner, I know).

What is doner meat? I'm hoping it wasn't a misspelling of Donner meat. That would mean either a) the North Koreans have a better grasp of American pioneers than I thought, or b) we're now one reindeer short.

I don't want to brag, but I invented the sliced bread, on April5, 1977.
True story, bro.

Thanks to Qaz we no longer use our toasters just to warm our mittens in cold weather.

Don't let this dictator guy kid you: I invented the internet.

Didn't the Supreme Court already rule on this issue?

This may be the reason that guy defected back to the North. Especially if he was wearing a sombrero.

After standing naked in the mirror, he realized he looked like an encased piece of sausage and wondered what it would be like to eat himself. Thus, the burrito was born.

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