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January 21, 2022


Woman sets car on fire after police stop for driving wrong way

(Thanks to Le Petomane)


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A state of confusion?

That'll teach it!
It looks like she set it on fire with a blowtorch.

If it was the police car that got set on fire, I would guess France. However, if she set her own car on fire, this was definitely Florida.

She just felt it was much easier than having to back all the way out, or god-forbid having to make a three-point turn.

Haven't we all had a GF who, being a terrible driver who had no business behind the wheel, got caught up in a mental thing after a slow speed chase and set her car, which was your car, on fire?" You people haven't lived or what?

She missed a great opportunity to make Nyquil Chicken.

She should set Florida on fire.

"Driving my car the wrong way, officer? What car?"

In her defense, the correct way on I-75 in Tampa is subject to personal interpretation. Also I-4 in Orlando and of course I-95 in Miami.

Was it a Firebird ? That might explain it.

What nursecindy said. it won't do that again!

We always hurt the things we love.

If the burned car happened to be a classic Pontiac Phoenix, and the ashes are intact, the woman may not have much of a problem getting on the road again.

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