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January 30, 2022


Driver Opens Fire At Another Car On I-95 In Miami

(Thanks to pharmaross)


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So, it must be Tuesday, then.

I-95 is lot like what Ukraine will look like when Russia invades. Ukraine. Rename it the Russia/Ukraine I-38.

Bang Bang

Take 2

Bang Bang

And to think your vehicle can't pass state inspection if the horn doesn't work, who even NEEDS a horn when you have a gun?

You've heard of 'Dirty Harry'. How about 'Scummy Harold'?

Joe was here.

Not to be mistaken for Hey Harold.

Note the second clip around 1:40, unlike the shooter video demonstrating the accuracy with which He reaches for his blinker, notice the accuracy with with Jimi plays guitar with his teeth while He prepares to back into his garage.

Another day in the life of Florida highways.

I'm reminded of a weird 1975 movie called Death Race 2000. It is set in a dystopian future where commuting could turn deadly. Is I-95 in Miami getting ready for a remake?


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