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January 18, 2022


Woman takes selfie on top of her car as it sinks into icy river and rescuers rush to save her in Canada

(Thanks to Corey Smith)


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Well, at least she didn't panic, and look at all the views she got. This could be the start of the next YT challenge.

I hope to borrow a page from the Titanic and have my phone playing Nearer My God to Thee as I sink if caught in that situation

The selfie was for her funeral.

It would have been a much more dramatic shot if they waited until she was up to her waist, or perhaps her neck, before they rescued her.

Just sayin'.

Perhaps she was just trying to provide documentation to bolster the insurance claim? Let's hope she bought the water damage rider.

I'm with Jeff M on this. Could you imagine only her arm sticking out of the water...with phone clicking away as she goes beneath the waves. (OK not many waves on a river but that's more dramatic).

"Hi! Look at the pickle I've gotten myself into - car sinking into freezing water as I await rescue ⏳ - ⛄ LOL! I'm such a DERP, eh? Be sure to 'like' this post 🎬 because I'm really shallow, but full of myself."

LOOK! That woman is taking selfies while her car is sinking into the river.
QUICK, someone throw her a cinder block!

SORRY! I MENT throw her a life ring!

If this happened in Flathead County, we would have rescued that innocent, valuable car and let the idiot with the selfie phone fend for herself.


Snerk at everyone.

I think this might explain why Canada is so sparsely populated.

They didn't expect her to sit in the driver seat when it was submerged in Frigid water, did they?

I second maryqos - snorks all around!

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