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January 08, 2022


Britain's postal service, the Royal Mail, was able to work out who an unaddressed letter was meant for when the sender included only the recipient's first name, postcode, and "life story."

(Thanks to The Perts)


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Try that without the proper amount of postage and see how far you get.

The sun never totally sets on the British Empire.

Our postal service should be so efficient. The last I knew; they were just starting to sort out and attempt to deliver some letters sent by Pony Express before the Trans Continental Railroad was completed.

...because the mail never stops...

Back in the very early 1980s, a group I was in at college put together a mailing list. I was out of town that weekend and so my address was only a mangled version of my post office's name and the state - no street or zip code. Over the summer, a friend wrote me a letter and addressed it as the list said. Some postal worker wrote a note "Try [town], MD [zipcode]" on the envelope. I had it in less than a week.

The Japanese post office once successfully delivered a letter to my brother in Tokyo that had his name, street address, and then “London, Japan.”

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