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January 12, 2022


A MAN claims his penis has shrunk by an inch-and-a-half due to Covid

(Thanks to Static Joeage)


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Maybe instead of it shrinking the rest of him has just gotten larger so it looks smaller? Do men really measure this? Enquiring minds want to know.

So he got the Covid in the pool?

Hey, if it's in The Sun you know it's trustworthy.

Rupert Murdoch wouldn't print it otherwise, right?

I think Covid D@ck opened for Ted Nugent.

Again, Elaine Benes is not familiar with shrinkage! :-) hehehe.

So, just how many times did he get the Covid?

Did I mention the bisque?

Well, he MAY have taken IT, OUT, (but really I just wasn't sure).

I thought that you would have yaddy-yaddy-yadda'd over THAT!

I did mention the bisque.

Men first discovered this malady when women they knew started pointing and laughing at the worst possible time.

This sounds like fodder for the "Covid is a hoax" crowd. The Sun, a Murdock-owned rag, is the only one who published this. Expect to be on Fox News sometime.

AN inch more he would be a king,
an inch less and he's a queen.

Well, so much for “long Covid.”

We'll take his word for it.

Be careful what you say or write, blog folks! Assuming that only men have penises (or that everyone with a penis is a man) can get you publicly shamed, shunned, doxxed, or fired these days. I’m sure many of us never thought we would have to re-learn the basics of sex at our age, but there it is.

He just needs the booster.

But when his balls swell up to the size of cantaloupes won't it will look even smaller?

@nursecindy, yes, men do measure this, in order to know when it's time to buy the big $65,000 pickup.

The jokes just write themselves:

-That's what SHE said!

-And he didn't have that much to begin with.

-Worst humblebrag ever.

-But wait, there(used to be) more!

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