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January 17, 2022


The man was left red-faced when the inspector discovered that the distressed man had mistaken a part of his sofa for a snake.


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Smph. I assume that the sofa also had legs.

This happens far too often.

This sort of thing happens here in Flathead County so often, it no longer makes news.

If I had a viper in my couch, I would have it vipe the vindows.

I suppose it would have been much worse had he been so distressed that he mistook a snake for his sofa. Of course there's lways this to worry about: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hmCek-uSF-M

I kept mistaking my refrigerator for a polar bear. Now it reminds me more of all those big-foot photos.

I know a woman that put a pair of canvas shoes in the dryer, then later, hearing them bouncing around in there, called 911 to report someone breaking into her basement.

God bless her for having enough of a sense of humor to tell everyone about it.

I suppose that in Australia, they would be distressed if their sofa did NOT contain a snake.

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