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January 02, 2022



(Thanks to John Lobert)


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So can we assume from the comment that the blog 1.) Tried them and didn't like them. 2.) Was that an opinion based on comfort or flavor? 3.) And do they come in salmon (color or flavor, possibly both)?

Something Lisa Marie Presley might have owned at some point?

I can't imagine they're too practical. Imagine every dog in the neighborhood trying to rip your outerwear off.

Only if there were big poky rhinestones inside.

My hubs is vegetarian so we went with fruit leather.

I would think you could get nore beef jerkey than that for $225 – at least five pieces at current prices.

One has to admire "Ol' Chumbuchet" for always getting right to the meat of the issue. Arrgh!

Just what every mail carrier wanted for Christmas.

Would be interesting to know what country was buying most of these.

The question is whether we alert Ted Nugent to this situation, since they chose to portray him wearing a pair. Maybe if they made him one out of deer jerky...I suppose his people may already be on it.

There are many theories as to why the Anasazi Indians of the Southwest mysteriously disappeared hundreds of years ago. If they tried wearing dried meat jerky underwear in wild country inhabited by mountain lions, bears, wolves, etc., this would be a very viable answer. It should also serve as a tip not to ever buy meat underwear.


I believe this is all that's remains of Lady Gaga's meat dress after hanging it in her closet for a few years.

She tried to preserve her dress with this...

Good price.

Guaranteed extend foreplay.

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