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January 31, 2022


Man beaten with metal skillet after declining an offer of potatoes, police say

(Thanks to Unholy Slacker and pharmaross)


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Move over fluoride, we're adding lithium to the drinking water, and not a minute too soon.

A salt with a deadly threat pan.

Iron is no substitute for starch.

I said, This spud's for YOU!!

No doubt his conviction will stand up to appeal. This is why most potatoes in Kentucky are best used for making white lightening. If only the cook had used a cast iron frying pan, he'd be rinsing the blood out of his wood-chipper right now, instead of sitting behind bars.

Apparently, Potato Man didn't use the tried-and-true heavy cast-iron skillet. Whacking anyone over the head with one of those is usually investigated by the homicide squad.

First it was the Thin Mints Melee, now the Potato Beatdown.

This guy definitely has anger issues.

Speak emphatically and carry a metal skillet full of fried potatoes in hot oil.

My father was pastor of a small town church.

My mother used to say, “The ultimate test of a small town pastor’s wife is the ability to stand at your front door with a pantry full of homegrown potatoes and thank a parishioner for bringing you more potatoes!“

Death Row: Same goes for tomatoes and zucchini.

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