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January 27, 2022


The moon appears larger when it’s near the horizon, but you can defeat this illusion by bending over and viewing it between your legs.

(Thanks to Peter Metrinko)


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To clarify, which moon are we referring to ?

See!?! See!?! I’ve been doing it right all these years!

What if the Moon keeps getting eclipsed by Uranus? Of course if one's testicles (given that you have at least one) come into play that would make it a szygyial occulatation, wouldn't it?

The moon is moving away from Earth at about 1 inch per year.

One day, we will have no one to moon but ourselves.

My bending over far enough to view anything between my legs would violate at least a half-dozen known laws of physics.

(In all seriousness, you may defeat the illusion simply by holding a ruler or calipers at arm's length and measuring the moon's diameter both at the horizon and overhead.)

I read one of the papers cited in this article, and it seems that the first person to come up with this was in 1866. I guess looking at stuff from between the legs was something they did to pass the time before there was TV.

I'm not an astronomer and have never played one on TV, however I do have an observation.

If one pulled their pants and underwear down before bending over and looking at the moon in a mirror, wouldn't it pretty much always be a full moon you are observing?

I considered turning in a paper on this very subject in my Psychology of Women class. In retrospect, I should have gone ahead with my point of view on the subject of women and the moon. Err...the moon and women's view. Uh, it's in the past, no reason to dwell on the subject.

What a great idea! I may try this but first I need to find someone that will help me back up.

Can't you just sue the municipality for building the sidewalks too close to your arse?

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