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January 05, 2022


Exactly What It Means If Your Butt Keeps Falling Asleep When You Sit Down

(Thanks to pharmaross)


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WOW! My mom was way ahead of her times. My would tell me to 'get that lazy ass of yours awake and get ready for school!'

Of course when you’re butt falls asleep during the day, you know it’s gonna be up all night.

That's why one should always start the day with an ice-cold coffee in Uranus, if only because the gerbils are probably thirsty.

This probably won't happen if you eat one of those North Korean burritos (you'll be getting up a lot).

A strong coffee enema is probably a good treatment.

Your butt has been watching The View.

I'm wondering what you would call a specialist that deals with gluteal amnesia.
I know some doctors that would have way too much fun with somebody that would come in to get this treated.

Do they make CPAPs for your posterior?

An unreliable source claims that if people suffering from gluteal amnesia can't kick the problem on their own, they need to go to a biker bar for a cure.

Dominique Michelle Astorino

If you also smile involuntarily when seated it usually indicates that your facelift needs adjusting.

It's not when your butt falls asleep that you need to worry, it's when your butt starts talking.

Sleeping butt is better than snoring butt.

Mine never gets a chance to fall asleep because the sound of rushing wind keeps it awake. There’s also the occasional clap of thunder that comes on unexpectedly.

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