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January 26, 2022


This blog enjoyed serving as his mentor.


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So, Dave, following up on Meanie the Blue - did you ask Justice Breyer what they wear under their robes?


I didn't realize you were an English Major.

Did you fight in Cyprus in 1957?

When did you become a US citizen?

Perhaps Mary Wilson would could endure the considerable scrutiny, character destruction, and fill the position.

Steve Lukather the guitar player from Toto could provide some much needed talent and lend a few great licks to a nation in bedlam if He is nominated.

*Mary Wilson is rumored to have slapped Diana Ross stupid in her climb to the top, so I don't know. Steve would beyond any doubt work. Beyond.

MOTW beat me to it. Inquiring minds want to know.

man tom, of course you know that Mary Wilson died last February. NTTAWWT, of course.

Once Dave is elected President, then he can appoint himself to the court. And finally, this country will start to operate the way it should.

I must admit, I knew that. This was mentioned on the blog. My memory is in question and up for judicial review. I am now, from this point on, relying on my Eidetic memory and perfect pitch, neither of which I have, to guide me through bad times as well as the good times.

A story of interest about my memory. And perfect pitch which also ran in the family.

If memory serves me correct, I was probably nine or ten years old when my Dad showed me an autograph He had acquired of Ray Price. I'll preface our following conversation by saying 'For the Good Times' was available on every Juke Box in every sleezy bar within a 200 miles radius of where we lived at the time.

"See. this is Ray Price's autograph."

""Where'd you get it?"

"He was in the bar last night and gave it to me."

The autograph was very nicely scrawled across the paper and looked important.

So my dad tucked the paper with the fancifully penned 'Ray Price' signature in his drawer. At the time being a nine year old who frequented sleezy bars with my Dad a lot, I immediately thought, "was my Dad sitting at the bar listening to 'For the Good Times' and the guy next to him said, "Hi, I'm Ray Price." It could have been Vincent Price or Harold Newberg for all my Dad knew. I picture the two of them listening to 'For the Good Times' playing on the juke box both about to cry when the guy offered to give my Dad his autograph.

I looked up pictures of Ray Price's autograph and can say the Ray Price who gave my Dad his autograph at the bar that night had much better penmanship than Ray Price.

Another great memory I have of my Dad is when he referred to the instrumental part of a song, he referred to it as the 'lyrics'. If he was drinking He would demand you recognized the instrumental part as the 'lyrics'.

I'm certain, if memory has not failed me, my Dad had Conway Twitty's autograph too.

The Supremes will never be the same without Diana Ross.

Dave, you should be promoted to English Colonel by now.
Also reading the comments I see so many regulars of this blog are still here, but some left without a trace. Maybe they are just dead.

Qaz a lot of them are on the Dave Barry Fans Facebook page! Join us won't you?
I may be wrong but when I watched an interview on the news tonight with Justice Breyer I'm pretty sure he said he was going to spend his retirement drinking beer with his mentor, Dave.

Thanks nursecindy. I will check it out.

Some of us are just mostly dead, Qaz

And some of us are a bit stiff, but that doesn't mean that we're dead.

Having to write papers about Beowulf and Chaucer as an undergrad just felt like being in combat. It made some of us into history majors as a sort of conscientious-objector alternative. The hardcore masochists went into economics.

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