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January 11, 2022


When Glenn woke up, he refused to roll down the window and tried to honk the horn. He also did not obey commands to put the truck in park. He opened the beer and attempted to drink it.

(Thanks to Jay Brandes)


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Ah! The Villages. The super nuts place in a nutty state.

Just another big Saturday night.

Sounds like a pretty convincing testimonial for Michelob Ultra to me, so no more BL smoothies for me.

Wyatt James Glenn ==>
My stagnant jewel
Twangy jean smelt

He's only 23, too. He has a whole lifetime of this ahead of him.

The cops are more understanding here in Flathead County. They would simply remove a battery cable, tow him and his disabled truck to the impound yard, let him finish his beer and sleep it off. The towing bill and impound fees will generally teach him a better lesson than spending tax money putting him in a warm cushy jail cell, buying his meals, etc.

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