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January 30, 2022


Walmart shopper allegedly sets fire to Bounty paper towels after being mad that they were out of almond milk in viral TikTok

(Thanks to Geoff Scott)


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What can you expect from an almond milk drinker?

One shudders to think what out-of-stock item would cause someone to set all the toilet paper on fire.

And remember: It's called "almond milk" because nobody can say "nut juice" with a straight face.

I like to put almond milk on my walnut flakes.

Hopefully, the quicker lock-him-upper will have no trouble finding him, and soon his own nuts will be put the squeeze on.

More proof the Squirrel Army Psychologic warfare division is succeeding.

It was a rational expression of anger. You can't very well set fire to almond milk, even in cartons.

Nut Milking EXPOSED

Does this idiot not realize how hard it's been to find large rolls of the Select a Size Bounty Paper Towels during the past year? I won't even get into what I think about people who drink Almond Milk.

I'm shocked, shocked, shocked I tell you.

Surprised this didn't happen in Florida.

I will have to check with Rod Nunely, but I believe possession or consumption of almond milk is a hanging offense in West Texas.

OK, I'm stumped. How in the heck do you go about milking an almond?

Loud guffaw @Flathead County Frank

Wondering; when the next nut job enters the Walmart and finds they don't have any paper towels will they dump all of the almond milk on the floor? Then the nut job after that feels they have no choice but to pour all of the corn flakes out. Where will it end?

@FCF, with a very small stool.

But not as small as the one you need for milking rice.

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