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January 29, 2022


Kim Jong-un travels with his own portable toilet

(Thanks to pharmaross)


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The censors were unable to put a lid on that story.

I guess when you're the alpa male you need to constantly keep the area under your jurisdiction well marked, in fact, one MIGHT say it goes with the territory.

With all those traveling toilets the dictator has, it shouldn't be difficult for an assassin to introduce a nice venomous toilet snake to one, then skip merrily away from the loo. Since, from what we know, Kim Jong-Un suffers from irritable bowel syndrome his final crap should happen soon.

He's obviously afraid of toilet snakes and lizards.

Perhaps he shouldn't go to Australia.

He probably got tired of getting swirlies in strange toilets.

Please, go on?

Is the car a shitbox Dodge?

"NOBODY messes with my .....stuff".

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