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January 08, 2022


Mobile Police say they pulled over 60-year-old Michael McClellan Tuesday after an officer saw him dragging a set of stadium bleachers behind his car.

(Thanks to pharmaross)


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So the police crushed his dream of always wanting to drive a bus?

"How the heck did those get there?"

Slow speed pursuit of the day so far.

Good thing they caught him before he stole the beer cart and hot dog stand.

The perp says he was inspired to steal the bleachers after reading the novel, "Under The Grandstands" by Seymour Butts.

If he had only made it to the Florida State line, he would have gotten away Scott free.

The correct answer to this would have been, "Thank G-d you stopped me! I've been trying to dislodge these from my car for the past hour!". Then mention something like you were at a stoplight, reading the Bible, when somebody put them on the trunk of your car.

I would definitely buy that, Cindy.

Good answer!

"Under the Grandstands" reminded me of that other kids' classic, "Race to the Outhouse," authored by Willie Makeit, and illustrated by Betty Dont

Mobile Police is better than stationary police. Who would need stationary police anyway?

@nursecindy---Good idea, but with my luck I would get an atheist cop.

^5 @nursecindy!

P. S. nursecindy’s comment reminds me of the Peanuts cartoon where Lucy is standing in the outfield with a dazed expression on her face while a fly ball lands right next to her. When someone yells, “How could you miss an easy fly ball like that?” she responds, “I was having my quiet time.”

Five Star Snork for nursecindy!!

Honorable mention to our dear Mad Hatter for Lucy

van Pelt

@ our dear MOTW - I also like the one where she says she was remembering all the fly balls she had previously missed and "the past got in my eyes."

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