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January 21, 2022


“Seaberry advised he couldn’t stop due to his [brakes] being out and because he wanted to eat his burger that he just purchased,” Monroe Police Department Officer Dylan Johnson wrote in the probable cause affidavit.

(Thanks to Andrew Mendez)


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Luckily he didn't exit the vehicle with a half-eaten dougnut in his hand or things could hve gotten really ugly, really fast.

It better have been an exceptionally good burger for him to have gone through that for it.

Surprised this wasn't in Florida. It's so typical, it doesn't even make the news.

Rod Nunley--Perhaps the perp had somehow scored an In-N-Out burger. I understand people go nuts over those for some reason. I do know any defense attorney worth their salt could use this strategy to get the case dismissed.

Years earlier during his Driving test:

"Why are you turning here, this is the Burger King drive-thru?

"When I practiced for this driving test I was always eating a burger and I don't want to risk failing the test just because of a minor deduction or something."

There is nothing more aggravating than having some nosey cop interrupting your dinner.

Le Pet, those Cali-burgers aren't worth it. The only people who buy them here are the Cali invasives. As for the rest of us, well, Whataburger has nothing to worry about.

How did he manage to stop at the burger stand?

FTR - I am happy to report I have eaten at In-and-Out perhaps five times in the 37 years I have lived here. I can also happily report I have eaten at Carl's Jr. once maybe twice in more than 30 years. The biggest reason being their decades long collection of ignorant commercials keep me away.. That latest commercial runs thousands of times a day,. Each time appearing more stupid than than the last time. I would never buy that.

I have noticed, maybe you have too, I see a lot of commercials these days I have no idea what they are selling much less even talking about. There is bound to be an app explaining exactly what it is, whatever it is.

One of my favorite rarely seen commercials. Ask yourself, would you buy that?

I failed to mention the guy using four thirds of the bottle had the same math tutor as my two high school friends.

And he didn't want to be late for his Mensa meeting.

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