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January 25, 2022


Flying car wins airworthiness certification

Longer story here.

(Thanks to Gerry Studzinski and Michael Moyer)


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What could possibly go wrong?

Once people realise it requires a 2,000 foot long parking space sales will be limited.

Impressive. It's all big fun until the 5G makes your radio altimeter malfunction on final approach. Guess it would be easy to put down on a freeway in a pinch.

Is the Slovakian aircraft certification the aerospace equivalent of the Florida driver's license?

Great! Now 'new' drivers have to know left from right, but also up from down.

I find most pilots to also be sponge worthy.

I once bought a heart-lung machine from Slovakia, so I don't recommend.

I married a girl from Slovakia. She's fine but her mother is a pain. But I guess you knew that.

Key quote:

"But a number of companies are working on... vertical landing and take-off..."

I got a chili recipe that might do the trick...

We were promised flyi....

Wait, what?

Pfft.... I first saw cars go airborne on I-95 in the 80s. Come to think of it, I'm not sure it was on purpose...

The flying car has been certified at speeds of 100MPH and altitudes of over 8,000 feet. How much over 8.000 feet would be good to know if you live in the mountains. Flying one of these cars home to say, Telluride or Aspen Colorado, you could easily become a smash hit before you get there.

I haven't bought Slovakian products since they started that Slovakian Lives Matter stuff.

Wouldn't it be better marketing to call it a Fastvakian Flying Kar?

This car/plane is from the land of the Yugo.

Q: Why does the Yugo have a rear window defroster?
A: To keep your hands warm when you push it.

Being an owner of a Yugo is like being in a long term relationship when conversations grow shorter over time, where the car sqys: "You go ahead, cuz I'm not going anyhere".

Dreams CAN come true, but only in Slovakia :(

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