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January 12, 2022


Moose gets trapped in Breckenridge basement

(Thanks to Ralph)


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Hello, Jake from State Farm? You are not going to believe this but...

Uh, Hello, Rocky, did you know that, Boris & Natasha like to play ping-pong? You gotta come over and check this out!

A moose once bit some old blogit's sister. I can't remember who they were but they mentioned this a lot.
I've never seen a moose but I'd love to. I'd also like to see an elk. Here in N.C we just have wimpy little deer.

Dang it, a few minutes too late to make the "a moose bit my sister" reference! :P

When I was new around here, Flathead County Frank made the "a moose bit my sister in Canada" reference, and I took it seriously. :-)

For the first time in their careers, Australian critter removal experts were faced with a similar problem and had many questions.

#1--How did the moose get in the basement

#2--Since they have never seen a wild moose before; are they venomous

#3--Is it too late to get the heck out of Australia

#4--Why didn't they stay in school and become doctors or lawyers

#5--Why did that moose bite the homeowner's sister

How do you stop a charging moose?

Take away it's credit card.

Animal Control official: SIR! Quiet, or everyone will want one!

Mad Hatter---Thank you so much for taking me seriously. This happens so seldom, and my name isn't Shirley.
The moose bit (pun intended) came from the Monty Python and the Holy Grail movie credits.


Why would you keep your sister in the basement?

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