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January 07, 2022


Woman granted bail for biting fisherman’s penis

(Thanks to pharmaross, who says, apparently without shame, that "the fisherman was reeling in pain.")


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He was "publicly fighting" with his penis? Is that some sort of Ghanaian custom?

Perhaps that was a variation of Kung Fu Fighting? The lyrics write themselves.

Really no worse than catch & release, and on the plus side that should be another item off her bucket list.

Fly fishing perhaps.

There are lots of avid fishermen in Flathead County and many of them use exotic bait. However, guys using their penis for bait is new. He did get a bite, so the bait must work....sort of.

Fisherman's Friend is supposed to help with throat pain, just saying.

That was pretty low.

After the damaging bite, the fisherman can only do this...

So only her chums get to use her bucket? Not exactly the Ol' Chumbucket we're familiar with here.

Well there's a hint what to use for bait the next time you go bar hopping.

He said Emanu bled profusely and was rushed to Ewim Polyclinic, where he was admitted, treated, and later discharged.

Yuck, didn't need the details about the discharge.

Oh.. from the hospital. Nevermind.

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