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January 19, 2022


U.S. Senate candidate from Louisiana smokes marijuana in campaign ad

(Thanks to Asher Scheiner)


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Repubs are evil and Dems are incompetent.

He walks the walk, talks the talk, and smokes the dope.

Definitely, send him to Washington.

He's just protecting himself from covid.

Send that man to Washington! He's a natural for the job.

The Reefer Man

Finally, a politician cuaght blowing smoke up our arses on the record.

Given Louisiana's electoral history, this guy might be elected unanimously.

Move ahead about 20 years:

U.S. Senate candidate heats up glass meth pipe, takes six to eight tokes appearing to transform into a crazed wild animal, sets fire to the police station then urinates in the parking lot in campaign ad.

bonus comment: I'll preface by saying I have been more of an optimist if anything regarding not only my personal trial and tribulations, but also holding high regard for the future of our great nation.

So yesterday I drive by a high school as the future leaders of country were letting out. Slowing down, I see a bunch of hooded, back-packed checked for guns clad young people who frankly looked like they were insensitive of critical thinking and certainly ready to participate in burning down the gymnasium if the opportunity, at that instant, arose. I checked my escape routes should a fire break out. As I sat there I imagined while they, there at the crosswalk paying no attention to the light most walking in and out of traffic, laws who needs them, were on their way home their older siblings from the neighborhood were out gathering spray paint salable drugs and burglary tools readying themselves to make the neighborhood where they live a shining example of the great democracy we have become.

Anyone need a used crack pipe? I've had to throw away the last three or four I've found which makes feel inadequate in a strange way.

man tom--I feel your pain. Look on the Internet for an Indian Peace pipe for sale. They are long lasting, and you can smoke anything in one of those and also show some class while puffing on it.

Le Petomane - I recently had deep cleaning of the entire mouth and yesterday had a permanent filling done on a first molar. I had the $9.95 special - no novocaine. Also, I chose not to pay for the use of the chair, so I stood the entire time. If you still standing and could feel my pain a little longer, tomorrow I am having blood drawn leading to a lab workup. I'm thinking, should I just tell them to knock my bad teeth out and gather the blood off the floor? Also, I plan to grip a metal spoon heated in boiling water, keep a record of my reflex action and measure the decible level of my scream. In case I ever do it in the dark middle of the night in the kitchen making Spicy Hot Tostada Progresso soup and don't want to wake mrs man tom out of her sleep screaming bad words across the other side of house. Also I may have seen an Alien. I cab send a fuzzy picture when I get it back from Field and Stream magazine. They were interested in my story. Especially how it was standing up during the dental procedure. The woman who found the core of the earth is floating around under our feet and predicts complete disaster for anyone stupid enough to listen to her is interested in the pics too. So, when the pain goes away get back to me pronto.

You know, pain sucks. It really sucks. Pain is all encompassing, mentally challenging and can make your mind play tricks on you. The alien was real though, no pain tricks.

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