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January 24, 2022


...it’s time to meet Rémy Vicarini who likes to make tiny helmets for his cat.

(Thanks to John Lobert)


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Everybody needs a hobby, so who am I to judge.


Those are COOL! My kitten would TOTALLY rock that look!

If I know cats, he's not long for this world.


Carnak the Magnificent opens the envelop.

"And the answer is, less than six months."

Now Carnak the Magnificent opens the envelop that has been in safe storage with Brinks Security and is still sealed with superglue.

"The question was, how long will Remy Vicarini live if he keeps tormenting cats by stuffing them under stupid helmets."

When some ask why, he asks why not?

Those cats are NOT HAPPY.

They are going to change his name to Claude.

I liked the Iron Cat helmet. I guess this is what happens when people are forced to WFH and on lockdown.

My cats would kill me if I tried to put one on them. But they would totally rock the look if I somehow succeded.

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