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January 31, 2022


Homeowner tries melting snow with garden-torch, sets house on fire

(Thanks to pharmaross)


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The snakes were not amused. This has the makings of a trend.

The chiefs and officers of the Seymour Fire Department wish to publicly apologize for inaccurately reporting the device used to melt snow as a flame thrower. The department apologizes for any confusion or hard feelings their post caused.

Your killin' me, Smalls.

In most English-speaking areas, we call these "garden torches" a weed burner. Hooked to a 5-gallon propane tank they work fine for burning weeds. In the wrong hands they can be effective spider and snake removers if the homeowner has good fire insurance and wants some renovations.

I believe that's what the iguanas in Florida call a rude awakening.

I though it was a pretty good idea.

Needs more power.

An earlier post listed the cause of the small fire as a mishap from a flamethrower, when in fact the item used was a garden-torch.

In that case, sir...

Technically this should have worked.
The way I deal with snow is I stay inside and watch movies until it melts.

But, snow gone?

According to the Home Depot website a "garden torch" is nothing more than a tiki torch, which I cannot see as worth anything for snow removal (I will defer to the people at Home Depot in their characterization of a garden torch).

Now a flamethrower...well, bring on the snow, even though we in Florida see snow about every 100 years.

Just imagine if it snowed in Florida...

@ Static Joeage -
In reply to your posting, I would apply this:
Just imagine if it snowed in Florida HEAVLY -
It would be a quietly loney place.

Do not taunt the Super Happy Fun Garden-Torch.

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