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January 15, 2022


Tenured Michigan university professor, 74, who wore a 'space helmet' AND mask for Zoom class is placed on leave for calling students 'vectors of disease' for wanting to attend in-person learning

(Thanks to Kirsten Martin and Dave Vander Ark)


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'Go complain to your dean, Fucke you! Go ahead, I'm retiring at the end of this year and I don't give a flying Fucke any longer!'

Why do we need to read a UK newspaper to get the important news?

In the mid-90s, I had a history professor who was quite a humorist. Those of us who showed up on Day 1 were given not just the syllabus, but notes for the entire semester. He said we were not to share this with any classmates who did not show up on Day 1 - it was his gift to the last class he was teaching before retirement.
He would make an opinionated point and say, ".. but what do I care? I'm a short, bald-headed guy with one foot out the door and the other on a banana peel. What are 'they' gonna do - fire me?"
I made an easy A in his class.

At the same college (different semester), I had a micro-economics class where the instructor was also the golf coach. He had a withered arm. At that time, the golf team was in the top 10 in the state. I thought he must be one heck of a coach. He was a good guy, too.

I saw Vectors of Disease open for The Triangles. They were anything but square.

I hate to tell the prof, but he's going to die. Someday.

A friend of mine is a professor and will be retiring later this year. I passed the link on to him. He thanked me and said that he now knows what to say when his first class of the semester meets this coming week.

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