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January 28, 2022


Florida already has a state pie — key lime — and the Senate on Thursday unanimously voted to make strawberry shortcake the official state dessert.

(Thanks to pharmaross)

In fact, the official state dessert is another cocktail.

Update: Lawmakers debate adding whipped cream to Florida’s potentially new state dessert


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I guess the legislature doesn't have anything better to do.

I wonder what the state hors doeurve is? Iguana pate would get my vote.

I'm familiar with the cartoon character Strawberry Shortcake, but not aware of a character called Whipped Cream, although I guess it's true that politics makes for strange dessert preferences.

It is good when our legislatures are occupied with innocuous legislation.

Decades ago, I was at a NH House of Representatives committee hearing about a similar silly bill. I suggested making a former NH Governor the official State Fossil, and another politician the official State Fruitcake. My proposed amendments were not adopted.

Does Florida have an official state invasive species? Just imagine the state legislature crammed with all sorts of critters while the senators and reps make their decision, although it might make it a bit harder to tell which are the ones who got there because they won an election.

North Carolina's state dessert is Sweet Potato Pie. We haven't voted on the whipped cream part yet. I'm voting yes when we do.

Seems like all of Florida is having COVID brain fog these days. To be fair, it's not that big a difference from before.

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