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January 29, 2022


Apparently the Munster look is in.

(Thanks to Alkali Bill)


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Sanctuary !

Come on people! Does ANTONE really wear this CR@P?

I'd like to see them shrug their shoulders.

It's about time some fashion trend came along to take peoples attentions off that one little mistake I made with that Abby Normal brain incident a long time ago.

@Static Joeage - it looks like they did shrug and got stuck.
"Uncle Fester" look, indeed.

I'm thinking a snake in the dressing room toilet would straighten those models right out.

Perhaps inspired by several failed attrempts by the Aliens at abduction?

More Dave

Dave in Sarasota

Appropriate that this fashion show is in the same city as the cathedral of Notre Dame. À la mode means "in fashion"; this is more à la quasimode.

Looks Dave 2024 Presidential Campaign is undergoing a soft opening given the upcoming Florida appearances? I envision images of "Uncle Fenster look" Dave, (wearing a stove pipe hat) on bus benches throughout South Florida, accomanied with the swimple phrase: "WHY NOT?"

Guy--The parttime bartender at Geezer Acres clubhouse is named Antone. He agrees with you fully and claims he would never wear any of those stupid duds. Well, Antone admits there was a time when he was off duty, and someone was buying tequila shots for the bar that he might have made an exception.

Looky them fingernails.

It looks to me like they forgot to take the hangers out of the shirts and jackets. That's got to hurt!
As for the fingernails. A few years ago I went to the grocery store with an elderly aunt who was very blunt and outspoken. The cashier had nails like that and my aunt asked her how she cleaned herself after taking care of her personal business, iykwim.
I don't know how the young cashier answered because I suddenly became very interested in some raw peanuts next to the register. My aunt lived in Georgia and had no filter to I cleaned up what she asked her a lot!

I'd call it the "Ed Sullivan Look".

Except for the long fingernails this looks like the NFL uniform.

@ - N.C.
Sometime ago, when I was on a service call to a certain government facility (that must remain nameless).
My contact person was a young lady whose nails were six inches long and beginning to curl. I was amazed that somehow she was able to use her keyboard.

Herman and Grandpa looked more dignified than this.

Apparently they were all dropped on their heads as children

Those fingernails look quite short to me.

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