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January 27, 2022


Lion loses a TESTICLE after lionesses attack him for trying to steal their food

(Thanks to pharmaross)


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And to think that we were all ready to blame the squirrels.

Shades of Lorena Bobbett.

For his sake, it was good it was only a buffalo. If it had been chocolate, he'd be dead.

No longer king of the lion bedroom.

We have adopted two kittens and if you got between those cute kitties and their food dish, there's no doubt small body parts could be lost. Trying to take a meal from a pride of lions would qualify anyone for a full Darwin Award.

^5 to Rod

He was left in an EMS catty gory 3 condition.

Sounds like the lioness became a little testy with the lion.

So, after the dustup the male lion was only half nuts?

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