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January 08, 2022


We don’t know where to start.

(Thanks to pharmaross)


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" McFarland... recently applied for a position at Adult World "

When the interviewer doesn't dare ask for his qualifications.

Here’s a clause I never expected to see:

“…the accused masturbator thief threatened to stab the man.”

How low can a person go?

In his defense, it sounds like he just got fed up with being jerked around at his old job, and decided to try self-employment

This guy is beyond the point of resuscitation.

Gonna be a hardened criminal.

About the only thing blown was his cover by submitting his Adult World job application before his sex toy robbery.

applied for a "position" at Adult World. Har

Not exactly an OCEANS 11 caper.

We have the other half of Dumb & Dumber here in Maryland. Dumber broke into the same adult shop twice within a short time and made off with a haul of adult toys. Both times they smashed the front glass with a large rock (probably the same rock.) Used the same vehicle each time. The police were already looking for the vehicle. Got caught. The end.

Pictured above, McFarland was charged with robbery, a felony, and several misdemeanors, including retail theft and making terroristic threats.

And the sex toys will be charged with battery...

As El Guapo would say..."What can you say about such men?".

Some lawyer will get this jerk off. Perhaps I should reword that…

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